Volvo Recall-Check Center In Richmond, VA

Volvo Recall Center Richmond, VA

If you recently received a card or notice in the mail about a Volvo recall check, book your Volvo recall appointment at our Volvo service department. Our service team is here for all of your Volvo recalls and factory scheduled maintenance needs. If your car is part of a Volvo airbag recall or Volvo seat belt recall, or you simply need a new set of wiper blades, bring your Volvo XC60 recall to our service department.

Scheduling an appointment for your Volvo S60 recall in Richmond, VA, is easy. If your vehicle is on the Volvo recall list, you can schedule service with our Volvo service center for professional auto repair.

Volvo Recall List

Many of our regular customers bring their vehicle in for a quick oil change or brake pad replacement and remember hearing something about a Volvo recall, but don't know if their car is part of a recall. If the same is true of you, it's easy for our team to look up any current Volvo recalls and tell you if your vehicle requires a recall repair. If so, any parts and labor connected to a Volvo recall are free of charge. Our team is here to ensure the safe operating condition of your vehicle and wants you to get the most out of your car.

What Is a Recall?

A recall is put out by Volvo Cars or the NHTSA if a vehicle, OEM auto part, or tire fails to meet a minimum safety requirement. A recall on a vehicle, component, or tire will also be issued if a potential safety risk presents itself. Should either of those instances occur, a recall is issued, and the component is replaced free of charge. To determine if your vehicle is part of a current Volvo recall, contact our dealership, and we can look up your vehicle and schedule a recall repair.

Your recall appointment is a great time to knock out any other auto maintenance your vehicle requires. We boast a tire center onsite that can perform wheel and alignment inspections, pressure checks, tire rotations, and install any of our new tires for sale.


How do I check my Volvo vehicle for a recall?

If you want to check the status of a current Volvo recall, first locate the VIN for your vehicle, then call our dealership. The VIN will be on your registration card and in either the driver's door jam or a lower corner of your car's windshield. Once you have the VIN for your Volvo Cross Country wagon, our Volvo service department can look up your vehicle and run a Volvo recall check. If your vehicle is part of a Volvo recall, we can schedule your recall service over the phone. Recalls are issued if a safety concern is present, so it's important to schedule your Volvo airbag recall right away.

Which Volvo cars are being recalled?

The Volvo recall list can change at any time. If you have a question about current Volvo recalls, the best thing to do is call our service department. We can run a quick Volvo recall check and tell you if your SUV is due for a Volvo seat belt recall. Before you call our dealership, be sure to have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) handy so that we can look up your specific vehicle. Recalls will often only apply to certain groups of serial numbers and not necessarily entire model years, so it's important to have the VIN for your vehicle ready. And remember, recall appointments are free of charge.

Recall Service at Volvo Cars Richmond

During your recall repair, you are invited to enjoy our service lounge, where you'll find refreshments and free Wi-Fi. If you'd like to stretch your legs, swing by our parts center and browse our OEM auto parts for sale. We have everything your Volvo sedan needs, from new floor mats to oil filters to headlamp bulbs. You might even find a cool Volvo keychain. For Volvo recall in Richmond, VA, get in touch with our service department.

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