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Volvo Brake Service Glen Allen, VA

Time for Volvo brakes service? If you're an old pro, go ahead and schedule your Volvo service right here. If you're researching or are unsure about the process (or even if you need Volvo brakes service), keep reading! We've put together this comprehensive information page to tell you everything you need to know about Volvo brakes, our customer benefits, & more.

Do I Even Need Volvo Brakes Service?

If you've landed on this page, it's highly unlikely that you're looking for a seasonal pass to a waterpark! But in all seriousness, if you're looking for help, the likelihood is high that there's some kind of issue with your Volvo brake pads, hardware, or electrical components. Here are some of the top symptoms that you'll experience, which would indicate it's time to visit us at our Volvo Brakes Service Center:

  • Your ABS or Wear Level Warning Light Has Come On - If this is the case, you might have a sensor issue, a hardware issue, or a hydraulic issue. Be on the lookout for a flutter or bouncy pedal or excessive noise. Don't wait too long to see us. Other components might get damaged!

  • You Hear Metal & See Shavings - If you're this far along, it's definitely time for Volvo brakes service. Call for roadside assistance! You are moments away from doing damage to hardware and hydraulics.

  • You Have a Floating or Mushy Pedal - This symptom indicates a pressure issue and can be related to hydraulics, electronics, vacuum supply, and others.

  • Your Steering Wheel Shakes under Braking - This is nearly always related to warped rotors. While Volvo brake pad replacement is a given, we'll tell you if it's time for new rotors too. Remember: warped rotors EAT brake pads for breakfast.

Drive off knowing that the job was done right with Genuine Volvo Parts, tools, and techniques. You already committed to lease or purchase a vehicle known for its reputation of safety. Why take the gamble and get service anywhere else? They'll use cheap parts, hasty labor, and oftentimes make costly mistakes. If you need Volvo brake service in Richmond, VA, we're the only name you need to know!

Volvo Brake Pad Replacement Service FAQs

Whether you drive a Volvo P1800 needing brakes or need Volvo XC90 brake pads (and everything in between), we'll install the parts you need to drive away in confidence. Our service center in Richmond, VA, has put together some answers to a lot of common questions that we hope you'll find helpful:

How much are brakes for Volvo cars?

In terms of just the parts, current model brakes prices can be anywhere from $75 to $250 per pair. If you're looking for combined parts and labor prices, complete Volvo brakes service is generally about $300 per axle. Of course, we've got monthly brake service specials for you, too. So be sure to ask for the latest savings!

How long do Volvo brakes last?

A long time! Depending on your model, region, and driving style, your Volvo brake pads can last anywhere from 30,000 miles to 70,000 miles. That's a long time. Most vehicles require service every 15k to 25k miles.

How often should you replace your brake pads?

The truth on that one is as often as is required. Brakes are the front line of your vehicle's safety systems, and without them, where are you? If you're heavy on the pedals, tow frequently, experience inner-city traffic regularly, or inclement weather, you'll need to replace your brakes much sooner than you might think. Some of our snowbird customers will replace their brakes as early as once a year! This question is less about when you "should" and more about when you "must."

Volvo Brakes Service Near Glen Allen, VA

The wise old mechanic's rule of thumb is: if you need brakes, you might need tires. Our Volvo Richmond Tire Center is on-site and ready to go with all the brands you love and your Volvo car needs. While you're here for Volvo brakes service, we'll take a look around and let you know what we see. We're never pushy, but we'll tell you what we see so that you can make the best decision using our skills and experience as the barometer-call, click, or book service through Volvo Valet. We're at your service!


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