What is the Volvo A-Plan?

The A-Plan by Volvo program takes the guesswork out of purchasing or leasing a new Volvo by providing transparent, negotiation-free pricing - the same prices paid by Volvo employees.  When you purchase or lease a new Volvo under the A-Plan by Volvo program you will receive A-Plan pricing and you will be eligible for any applicable A-Plan bonuses and most other Volvo offers available at the time of purchase. The A-Plan program is extended to Partner Companies and Organizations that have a unique relationship with Volvo. The program is solely intended for the personal use of eligible purchasers .

 How Do I Sign Up A-Plan By Volvo?

The A-Plan by Volvo program is offered to active employees of selected US business partners, fleet partners, and special organizations, all having a unique relationship with Volvo. Additional purchase eligibility will be extended to eligible employee's spouses and members of their immediate households only. Eligible users will need to contact their Human Resources Administrator or a local Volvo retailer, in order to acquire the appropriate partner code, which is required to register for the site.

What is a PIN and how does it work?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique code required for each vehicle purchase under the A-Plan by Volvo program. This PIN will be generated by the qualifying member (sponsor) for either themselves or an eligible household family member. When generating a PIN you will be able to download a PIN certificate. The PIN certificate must be presented to an authorized and participating Volvo retailer, in order to secure the A-Plan pricing and offer.

What vehicles can I purchase through A-Plan by Volvo?

Most of Volvo's models are eligible for purchase or lease under the A-Plan by Volvo Program. A-Plan pricing is available on new vehicles only.  New vehicles may be ordered from production, or may be selected from the inventory of the retail facility. For exact model eligibility, pricing and offers, we suggest that you register for A-Plan by Volvo.

Additional offers are available through the A-Plan program for Overseas Delivery and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.  See your Volvo Retailer for details.


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