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Summer Driving Tips for Your Volvo

Summer is here and it's easy for many Volvo owners to take a vacation from car care. We all need a break, granted, but summertime is still a season in which we need to drive our Volvo's with care and keep it in top running condition.

This season it's easy to get caught up in saving money for vacation and letting some repairs go or being careless with driving our favorite vehicle. Hopefully, this blog can help you to avoid that so your Volvo doesn't fall into disrepair and create major repairs.

So, we have Five…
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Not Just Utilitarian Anymore: Volvo's New Interior Redesign

Volvo is safe.

Volvo is utilitarian.

Volvo is practical.

We've heard it all before and yes it's true. But, as Bob Dylan once sang, "the times they are a-changin'".

Volvo is not only the safe, utilitarian and practical auto brand as it's been repeated over and over again, it's also the newly-redesigned, 21st Century auto brand. The Volvo Corporation, with the introduction of its concept cars, "The Estate" and the Concept XC Coupe', has bundled all of the above but repackaged it into the Volvo interior of the present and future.

Ever heard of an "oversized…
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The Street Cred is Earned: Why Volvo is Considered the "Safety Brand"

The Urban Dictionary ( defines "street cred" as: "commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments.'

When you hear someone say you have "street cred", take it as the highest form of compliment. It means that you have arrived and have earned the respect of friend and foe alike. Frank Sinatra certainly had street cred in the entertainment world. His albums still entertain decades after being recorded.           

It's not a stretch to say that the Volvo brand has "safety street cred" as it has proven…
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Top 5 Roads to Drive your Volvo in Central Virginia

For us Volvo owners, these frigid winter days are brutal but not because of the weather, though. It's brutal because our favorite car is used only for the usual stuff-work, errands and the like. The rest of the time it's just sitting in the garage. Winters can be so boring.

When warmer weather finally arrives, you can fire up the V60 or SUV, grab the spouse and kids, open the garage door and head down the highway to take in the beautiful Virginia scenery. The best cure for cabin fever is just to get out and hit the…
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Bring it on Polar Vortex!: How to Start and Defrost Your Volvo in Record Cold Temps

When we hit record low temperatures in the Richmond Metropolitan Area, you were ready: you opened all of the sink cabinets to let the warm air in; you turned on the spigots and let it have a slow leak all night; you laid two thick blankets on each of your children and shared one with your spouse while your pets, whom you brought in from the porch, slept cozily at the foot of your bed and then you poured salt on your sidewalk so that you didn't slip on the way to your Volvo in the morning.

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Be Careful: Top 10 Ways of Driving your Volvo in Bad Winter Weather

"Stock up your pantry!"
"Freeze ten gallons of milk!"
"Buy a breadmaker!"
"Stock the garage with 10 cords of wood!"

Okay. The last one was a bit over the top, but you get the idea. Based on the forecasts we’ve heard for the Richmond (Virginia) Metropolitan area and most of Central Virginia, you’d think that we have the hardest winter coming in 2014 since the Ice Age.

We're not one to hyperventilate…
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Volvo Saved My Life | 2000 V70 XC Crash

The Volvo brand is perennially known for its safety and has highlighted this fact by creating a "Volvo Saved My Life Club" which showcases audio testimonials from families and individuals who have experienced dangerous crashes and lived to tell their story. The Bowles Familyi of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is a recent family featured in teh "Volvo Saved my Life Club." Here is a transcript of their harrowing story.

We were in our 2000…
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