Volvo Safety: A Long History of Innovations


When Volvo Cars was founded, one of the core values of the company was to deliver exceptional safety to its drivers. Almost a hundred years later, Volvo hasn't strayed from its vision, aiming to have nobody seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo. Everything from the patented safety cage to highly sophisticated technology features helps to keep drivers safe in Richmond.

Learn more about Volvo's dedication to safety and some of the exciting safety features available.


Volvo's Commitment to Your Safety

Did you know that the three-point safety belt was first put into production by Volvo Cars? Back in 1959, Nils Bohlin designed the safety belt that is now found in all modern vehicles. Though deceptively simple, the three-point safety belt has saved countless lives and underscores Volvo's dedication to safety for all.

If that wasn't enough, Volvo Cars also developed the first booster seat for children and the Side Protection System (SIPS) that have become so common in modern vehicles. These past accomplishments reflect Volvo's approach to safety: a systematic approach based on real-world situations that are unique to the car industry.

IntelliSafe Technology

IntelliSafe is the overarching technology suite for Volvo models. It is comprised of a combination of both passive and active safety features to provide Glen Allen drivers with the peace of mind they need. IntelliSafe allows you to drive with more awareness, confidence, and convenience, making for a driving experience in the Mechanicsville area that you can count on.

When it comes to Intellisafe standard features, you can count on high-level equipment and advanced driver assistance features. City Safety helps to protect both drivers and pedestrians by detecting possible dangers and helping you avoid them. By using radar and camera technology to identify other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and large animals, you will have extra time to react.

City Safety warns drivers with audible and visual warnings, and it will even automatically brake to mitigate damage or avoid a collision, if you don't react in time.

When it comes to passive safety features, the importance of the safety cage cannot be understated. The safety cage is designed with hot-formed high-strength steel to provide maximum protection in all types of crash scenarios. Even the seats are made with different grades of steel to ensure both safety and comfort. The seats will deform to cushion the vertical forces and reduce spinal injuries.

As part of IntelliSafe Surround, you will find cutting-edge safety features like BLIS™ (Blind Spot Information) with steer assist, Rear Collision Warning, and Cross-Traffic Alert with autobrake. BLIS™ helps you change lanes in Richmond by improving awareness of other road users around you. With radar sensors, it will detect vehicles approaching from behind and alert you. Steer assist helps you avoid collisions with vehicles in your blind spots.

Car Safety Ratings

Whether you drive family or commute in the Glen Allen, safety is a vital aspect of any new car. Not only does Volvo supply its drivers with innovative safety features, but its vehicles are also recognized for their safety. The new Volvo XC40 earned the highest safety rating possible for crashworthiness. When this subcompact luxury SUV is equipped with specific headlights, it earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus title.

Some of the safety features that you will find for this Volvo model and others include:

  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Oncoming Lane Mitigation
  • Road Sign Information
  • Run-off Road Mitigation
  • Pilot Assist: Driver Assistance System with Adaptive Cruise Control

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