Volvo vehicles are well known for their quality, user-friendliness, and durability. That said, to keep your Volvo vehicle in top shape, it requires regular maintenance checks. This is especially important during seasonal weather changes, and these checks can give all your vehicle systems the green light. Plus, by giving your Volvo vehicle the attention that it needs, you can maintain its value and its performance over the long haul.

Pre-Summer Season Exhaust Checks

The exhaust system has an important job to do in terms of keeping your engine running smoothly. The system must effectively channel and expel exhaust gases, while also making sure to remove harmful substances along the way. Seasonal exhaust system checks can be extremely useful, especially after damaging winter driving conditions. Our technicians can check all your exhaust parts that include the engine manifold, exhaust pipe, fittings, catalytic converter, and more.

Volvo Seasonal Transmission Checks

The vehicle transmission must seamlessly and efficiently transfer power from the motor to the wheels. During winter months, the transmission system and its components can sustain various types of damage. Here at our Glen Allen area dealership, we can give your transmission pre-summer checks to ensure that all components are in the best possible shape. These checks can include your transmission fluid, the radiator transmission fluid cooler, electronics, linkages, and much more.

Routine Electrical System Checks

Winter weather and temperature shifts can affect vehicle electrical systems. To this end, here at our dealership our skilled technicians can look over every part of your electrical system. They can use specialized voltmeters to ensure that power gets where it needs to go. At the same time, they can look over vital components like your alternator, high-voltage wires, battery, and regulators.

Seasonal Brake System Checks

The brakes perform vital jobs in terms of controlling vehicle velocity. During winter months, the brakes undergo even more damage than usual. Cool temperatures combined with road contaminants can do a number on rotors, pads, lines, and even fluid. The good news is, our local Volvo dealership technicians can give your brake system detailed analyses. They can check your fluid for structural consistency as well as moisture levels. They can check your pads for wear and can replace them as necessary. They can also make sure the lines are leak-free, your rotors are in sound shape, and electronic systems such as ABS are in good working order.

Summer Cooling System Checks

With the summer months approaching in Sandston, the vehicle cooling systems must work at maximum capacity. To this end, our Volvo technicians can give your radiator, fluid, and other components the attention they deserve. During these checks, they can replace all fluids and inspect vital components such as the thermostat, radiator, hoses, and heating element. At the same time, they can check your radiator to ensure that pressure levels are enough.

Seasonal Window Checks

While they are easy to forget about, the windows in your vehicle perform vital tasks. During winter months, the windows and the moldings around them can sustain various types of damage. Road debris and rocks can chip or break the glass while fluctuating temperatures can do damage to moldings. Plus, windshield wipers, washing fluid, and related systems can all suffer from various issues. During your Volvo pre-summer glass checks, our certified technicians can give all your window's thorough inspections. They can replace any defective moldings, wiper blades, and washer fluids as well.

Lubrication System Checks

Cold weather can compromise the effectiveness of various vehicular lubricants. These can include oil, grease, and other substances. During your Volvo preseason checks, our technicians can replace any depleted lubricants and make sure that the systems they serve are undamaged. While it may seem like a small thing, keeping your metal parts properly lubricated is key to vehicular longevity.

Here at Volvo Cars Richmond near Mechanicsville, you can access all these services and many more. Contact us today to schedule your next pre-summer service visit and do your part to keep your vehicle values high far into the future.

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