What is the definition of luxury?

The word "luxury" is often defined based on an initial interpretation. A brand or a product often defines luxury based on its cache and attraction to its consumer. It could be a touch, a feel, the materials it is made of and an image of how it would emotionally and intellectually

At Volvo, that definition of luxury is rolled into one special vehicle – the XCX90. It exudes luxury by being the most beautifully designed and intuitive Volvo ever created. It is beautifully demonstrated in Volvo's newest commercial being aired on television and on various virtual networks right now.

Volvo's latest commercial showcases the XC90 with a simple musical message: "It’s a new dawn/it’s a new day/and I feel good." This is exactly what Volvo wanted to see and feel for ourselves. All of the visuals matches up with what we have been talking about over the past several months from its initial debut through to the anticipation of our first T8 Plug-In and R-Spec models arriving in our showroom in the next few months.

If you have not seen the commercial, here it is... 


Volvo of Richmond are taking orders for the full line of XC90s, including the T8 Plug-In model. Contact us for more information and register your interest. 

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