Most every auto manufacturer claims their product is a "great investment". If you need a car to take you to work, school, ballgame or in-laws house, their car can do it better than anyone else. 

Whether their car can do it better than Volvo is a matter of marketing. However, we cannot diminish the fact that your Volvo is one of your most important financial assets. It is an investment, not like a stock or bond that increases in value, but one that will give you many years of service if you maintain it.

So, in these frugal times where the purchase of a car is no small matter, here are 6 Reasons Your Volvo is a Smart Investment in 2014:

  1. Vehicle Safety: Okay this is an easy one. Volvo has been the leader in automobile safety since the beginning. No need to go over old ground here, but they are safer than ever with backup cams, seat belt upgrades and even heavier bodies. Investing a safe vehicle that protects your most valuable cargo, your family. To most Volvo owners, this is truly the most important reason of all.
  2. Variety of models: Volvo has hundreds of color schemes for every taste. There are compact, medium-sized, business designed and family-size. There are vans, sedans, SUVs and even sports cars. Their appearance and style runs the gamut of the auto buyer market.
  3. Young people buy them: The interior size and width of a typical Volvo lends itself to young people. Visit any college campus and check out the cars in the parking lot. You will likely see lots of Volvos. (240s seem to be very popular.)  You can pack tons of books, furniture, luggage, six-packs and other items that mean a lot to a typical student. Plus, they are excellent cars for students who have to drive a few states to get to the campus every year. (See #4.)
  4. Mileage and Endurance: Recently, a Volvo owner surpassed the three million-mile mark ( Volvos are famous for safety but even more so for lasting for hundreds of thousands of miles. Your investment in this vehicle could be the last car you purchase for many years, decades perhaps.
  5. Classic styling: Volvo style never seems to get old. From the Amazon to the Duett to the 240GL, Volvos retain their value because of their unique styles that defined an era or a generation. Clubs for different models of Volvos exist all over the world and help keep certain lines of Volvo alive for future generations. (Just Google "Volvo Duett Club" and there are 45,000 results.)
  6. Innovation of Newer Models: 2013-15 models have upgrades for WiFi, GPS, rear parking cameras, bicyclists detectors and many other 21st Century innovations. These are features which make your Volvo a car that will never be "behind the times". All you have to do is hit "Update Now" and your Volvo will do what you and your family need it to do.
Those are only six reasons that Volvo is a good investment for you. There are many more reasons, we're sure.

So, whether you're a long-time Volvo owner who knows the value of this car, or someone considering buying a Volvo and just not sure yet, think about the importance of this purchase as an investment. Pocketbooks are still tight and may be for a few more years to come, make this investment a careful one.

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