Summer is here and it's easy for many Volvo owners to take a vacation from car care. We all need a break, granted, but summertime is still a season in which we need to drive our Volvo's with care and keep it in top running condition.

This season it's easy to get caught up in saving money for vacation and letting some repairs go or being careless with driving our favorite vehicle. Hopefully, this blog can help you to avoid that so your Volvo doesn't fall into disrepair and create major repairs.

So, we have Five Volvo Driving Tips for Summer that should help you keep your Volvo in top condition:
  1. Keep your tires inflated to maximum pressure: Check your owner's manual or the outside of the tire to see the proper PSI (pounds per square inch).  Check it at least once a month and do not over-inflate them.
  2. Check your tire treads: See if there are any cuts, abrasions, punctures or foreign objects in your Volvo's tires. Also check the whitewalls for bulges, cuts and any other issues. Tires take a beating and if you commute a lot, your tires may need replacing.
  3. Avoid overloading you Volvo: Our Volvos are workhorses. It's so easy to pack them with tons of stuff. Surfboards, luggage, toys, tools, clothes-you name it. We're going to flea markets, summer camps, baseball games and road trips. All of this packing and repacking and sheer volume of items can wear the car down. It is essential that you not overload your Volvo for long or short trips. Excessive overloading can increase the heat within your tires which may blow the tires and create an accident. Check the owner's manual for weight requirements.
  4. Check and update your software: For newer Volvo owners, be sure to update your software on a regular basis. Keeping it updated an optimized will keep your engine, electronics and other components running smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Wash your Volvo: Tree sap, bird droppings and soot can deteriorate your Volvo. It can also damage your engine. Wash it once a month and wax it at least once during the summer months, perhaps before you leave for vacation. Keeping a clean exterior will add to your Volvo's life and appearance.
  6. Check your oil: This on is so easy to forget. Just keep in mind that by the time you have driven to all of these camps, gone to the flea markets and taken your family to Disney, you have probably surpassed the suggested mileage for your Volvo to get an oil change. Get it and your filter changed so that you can drive all these distances without the wear and tear on your engine.
Don't let your Volvo maintenance take a three-month break. Keep it in good condition by doing the above and avoiding costly repairs in the fall.

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