When we hear that something is more powerful or stronger, we usually prepare ourselves for a compromise.  For example, a prescribed medication can provide far better results than an over-the-counter product, but the side effects are often much more severe.  Or, an NFL running back known for his bulk and power, often lacks the speed and agility displayed by some of the more lean players.

What about cars?  Usually people assume that more cylinders in an engine leads to more power.  This has generally been an automobile truth, but the people at Volvo have worked tirelessly to redefine this idea regarding car engines.

Volvo has created a powerful, four cylinder engine: the Drive-E powertrain.  Sounds simple, right?  Not even close.  This four cylinder engine provides the practicality and efficiency of most smaller engines, yet it proves to be just as powerful as many six cylinder, and sometimes even eight cylinder engines.

The Drive-E’s new technology allows for less fuel consumption and emissions output, and this is where it can get exciting from an environmental standpoint.

How did Volvo make this happen?  The company has placed a heavy emphasis on innovation over the past few years.  Innovation is all about making things easier, safer, and more convenient.  Volvo aims to provide its customers with an uncompromised driving experience. You may recall some of our previous Volvo blogs in which we discuss innovations, such as the built in tablet or the auto brake.

The powerful Volvo Drive-E engine allows for a much more eco-friendly driving experience. 

In fact, the new Volvo Drive-E engine provides:

•    lower fuel cost as it can get up to 37 miles per gallon
•    300-plus horsepower
•    30% fewer harmful exhaust emissions
•    reduced weight of up to 100 pounds which can allow for more efficiency and better driving dynamics

By combining innovation and a “green” mentality, Volvo has managed to create an efficient yet powerful engine.  The company firmly believes in sustainability.  This new engine is definitely taking a step towards a healthier environment.

We live in an era marked by heated environmental debates.  As technology progresses at a rapid pace, we’re looking for innovations that are eco-friendly no matter where you stand on environmental issues. The Drive-E engine is a technological breakthrough that ranks high in environmental standards.  The Volvo engine doesn’t just stop there, as it manages to offer the driver with an excellent, uncompromised road experience.

The Drive-E engine exemplifies Volvo’s commitment to reducing compromises.  It can make your time on the road enjoyable and eco-friendly.
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