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When Volvo announced last month that is was outsourcing its app development to InfoSys, a renowned IT and consulting firm based in India, to develop applications for its marketing, sales, consumer service and other functions, the auto industry was given a heads-up on the seriousness of its intentions. The Swedish car manufacturer was not content on just developing mobile phone apps, it wanted to lead the way.

Hiring them was a brilliant move and Infosys rightly stated that it planned "to “transform Volvo's IT landscape to a modern architecture" which reads this way: consumers are moving to a phone-consumer culture and Volvo wants as many as it can get. All car companies have to appeal to the under-35 consumer group or they suffer and one of the ways is to have a full menu of apps that can be used for customer service, information and entertainment.

Now, using that above list as criteria, we have compiled our latest (4/2014) Top 5 List of Volvo Apps (All of the apps listed were developed and are owned by The Volvo Corporation with the exception of #4.):
  1. Know Your Volvo: An app developed only for 2013 and newer models, KYV explains how to get the most out of your new Volvo including videos, step-by-step instructions and graphics. From driver support to driver environment to "infotainment" this app responds to your How Do I" questions quickly and with a video to demonstrate it.  It's and understated but practical app and free-a good investment for the newer model Volvo owner.
  2. Volvo Sensus Essentials: All of the new digital accessories-blue-tooth, WiFi, navigation-can be confusing even to the savviest user, so Volvo has created an app to answer all your questions from connecting your iPod to using voice commands. Techies and commuters will eat this one up. Just keep this in mind: It's only for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. (Also, please do all this connecting and syncing before you drive.)
  3. Volvo Wheels: So what's the big deal with Volvo rims? Well, they're popular enough to merit their own app, that's what. You can see what your Volvo looks like with new rims just by doing some photo manipulation. It works like this: You take a photo of your Volvo with the app's built in camera. Then, select your car model and drag and drop the rims from the model that you like and drop it into place. Then, you can see what your Volvo looks like with the new rims. Following the placement, you can send the pics to your friends and see what they think. It's a pretty clever way for Volvo to sell new rims and we like it in a strange, overt sort of way.
  4. Volvo Trucks Owners’ Gallery: Being a Volvo owner and fan, you have surely noticed the Volvo trucks populating the highways. They’re hauling products from coast to coast. If you own one or just enjoy watching them lumber past you, then this app is for you. Gallery lets you view Volvo truck images from anywhere, comment on them, post them and even vote for your favorite. The monthly Best Volvo Truck winner is awarded a t-shirt! You don’t even have to love trucks to enjoy this app. It’s Americana at its finest.
  5. Volvo XC Travels: Summer is coming and what better way to spend it than in Scandinavia?! Okay, maybe not but this app is still a blast, regardless. You have maps and turn-by-turn navigation to all of the ski lodges, pubs and tourist sites, fact sheets on all of the destinations with the option of being rewarded a "digital badge" after checking into all of your Nordic destinations. That old Norse proverb is so true: "Kemst þó hægt fari." (You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.) Just be sure to download this app before you do.
More apps are coming and, in future blogs, we'll cover the Android and Volvo dashboard applications. Technology is changing so fast, we just hope this blog isn't outdated by the time you read it!

What is your favorite Volvo App?
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